The obvious first step in healthcare is prevention.  Especially in developing nations such as Haiti, we need to use a public health model. BHH employs fluoride application to the children’s teeth and dental sealant.  This helps preserve their smile and health.  If those step fails, we treat dental disease head on. That means tackling the pain sources, healing abscesses, filling cavities, and pulling teeth when absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, thousands of children’s teeth look like those shown here.  We have some catching up to do in such kids. With many years of service since the founding of BHH, we have prevented many kids from ever getting into this situation.  With our dedicated professionals, a clean dental care facility, and proper equipment, every patient is cared for.

Because we employ Haitians rather than sending volunteers, this treatment is year-round and consistently recorded so that we can track success.

We also work to educate the community about the necessity of dental care with classes and radio shows.

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